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Do you need a WebMaster for your site that is already out there? Just need someone to update the regular updates of Word Press?  Do you need someone to update your content regularly?  Do you have an E-Commerce site that has a lot of products to manage?  In order to accommodate these levels of service, I have set up 3 tiers of service for my sites:

Minimal WebMaster ServiceMedium ServiceHeavy Update Sites
This includes sites which don’t update their content very often, which only require updating the Word Press core.  Minimal service is $5/month, or $60/year.

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This includes most sites that I manage.  Updates are done monthly or as needed to the content.  Attention is given to the content on a regular basis.  Medium Service is just $10/month or $120/year.

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These are sites which have a lot of regular updates to content and include e-commerce sites with lots of products to manage.  Heavy update sites are just $20/month or $240/year.

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You should choose the level of support that is appropriate for your site.  All WebMaster Services are billed on a yearly basis. I make your job easy by doing all the work for you in an efficient and timely manner. You may be asked to upgrade your service plan upon renewal if your site is found to be a heavy update site.  All sites receive the following services:

  • FTP upload of files
  • Database set up and administration
  • Basic Graphics, cursors and icons
  • Update core files
  • Management of inquiries and browser issues
  • Domain and host account set-up and maintain
  • Site maintenance for one year


You can hire me to be your webmaster below or Submit Your Project for a new site. You can also view my live sites on my Portfolio Page.

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