Why You Need a Secure Server for your site

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Why You need to have a Secure Server

You may think that you are not asking for sensitive information, but I say that even a name and email address are sensitive information …

Customizing the Jetpack Sharing Buttons

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Just add the following CSS code to your Custom CSS file in Jetpack and make the changes to colors and such that you like.
Jetpack Sharing
—————————————————- */
.content div.sharedaddy div.sd-block {
border: none;
padding: 0;

.content div.sharedaddy .sd-content {
float: left;
margin-bottom: 32px;

.content div.sharedaddy a.sd-button …

Using Custom Cursors with Word Press

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Just add the following css to your page or theme css page:

cursor: url(https://mredsanders.net/cursors/shoeshine.cur), default;


a:hover {
cursor: url(https://mredsanders.net/cursors/polly.cur), default;

input, textarea, select {
cursor: url(https://mredsanders.net/cursors/simon.cur), default;

Substitute your cursor’s url for above and it will work in IE and Firefox and Google Chrome…Don’t have any cursors? Download Mine Here  .

You …