Why You Need a Secure Server for your site

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Why You need to have a Secure Server

You may think that you are not asking for sensitive information, but I say that even a name and email address are sensitive information in the modern digital age. Any site with a contact form should be encrypted so that no one can intercept the unencrypted information.

Many countries, the EU in particular require a site to specify what information they collect and to have a privacy policy which outlines what steps are taken to protect the individual's privacy.

I make sure all of my sites have a secure certificate!

These days a secure certificate can be as low as 10 to 20 dollars a year. Let me show you how cost effective a secure certificate can be.

Some hosts even offer a secure certificate with their hosting plan.  Bluehost is one that does this.

I have an all included package price for a new site, including the secure certificate.   Get started by completing my new project form today!

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