September and a discount

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September is here! Get Started on that dream website you’ve always wanted!Ed Sanders

Take $25 Off

Until the end of the year (2017) please take $25 off your order at Just use coupon code "discount1" at checkout. Applies to new customers only.

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September is here, a time for fall and new beginnings. Why not get started on that website you’ve always wanted to do. Perhaps you just wish a site to blog with. What ever your needs, I can give you a reasonable quote at $35/hour or you can select one of my special products. Visit My Available Services┬ápage for your options.

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Ed Sanders

I have been a WebMaster since 1998, when I learned to code HTML pages for our local church congregation. I have been WebMastering ever since those days. Now I have moved on to installing CMS (Content Management Systems) websites like WordPress, Joomlah, E107, etc. I maintain a number of websites currently, see my Portfolio page. I believe in doing the best job possible when I work on my sites.

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