How to Add Pictures to your Page or Post

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From the WordPress admin, click on Posts/Add New.  You will be given a screen like this:

Click on the Add Media button (on the upper left of your screen).  You will be taken to the Media Library Screen, which looks like this:

Click on the Upload Files tab and you will be given a Select Files Screen that looks like this:

Then you just select files and choose your image files from your hard drive.  Your screen will then look like this when your images are uploading…

When your images are uploaded, they will be checked in the thumbnail, and you just select Insert Images into Post button, and you are back at the edit post screen, and your pictures have been inserted.  Now you want to edit the picture you just inserted?  Just click on the picture in your edit screen and you will see a bar at the top, choose the edit button, like here:

When you click on the Edit button you are given a screen like this:

Now you can adjust the image settings on your page by choosing an alignment, image size and whether it links to anything or not.  Choose full size and Link To (none).  Now the alignment is important, choose either right or left (to wrap text around the picture) or choose center (to show the picture with no wrapping).

Click on Update and you are brought back to the editor screen, where you can add more text, add more images.

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