How to Add a YouTube video to your blog post in WordPress

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Posting a YouTube video on your post or page is easy.  All you need to do is paste the YouTube video’s url on a line by itself in WordPress and the magic happens.  You can preview the video on your page just as it will look like.


Where do you find the YouTube video url you ask? Just click on the Share tab below the video player and you will reveal all the social media icons, as well as the url to your video, like this:

Now just copy the Url located below the social media icons, it starts with and paste it into your post or page.  You’ll get the video showing right away

As long as your text is on a different line as the url you pasted, you can add text or other images if you like below or above your video, like I have done here.  With WordPress, adding a video is that simple, and YouTube encourages people to stream their videos on your website, by making the embed url easy to find on their pages.

So happy posting.  If you find this to be helpful, leave a comment below! Cheers, Ed



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