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ed sanders may2012Hard to know where to begin with an About Me page. I was raised in St. Louis, and left there for Phoenix when I was 23. Seven years in the desert was all I could take so we moved here in the Springs with our job. That was in 1991, and we’ve loved every second of it since.

So now we live alone in our townhouse with the dog and cat. We get along just fine with friends and we don’t miss our family too much in St. Louis. My dear mother passed away in 2007 and so now we are the patriarch of the family.

I spend my time making web sites for people, if you need a site built just contact me on the contact page and I’ll get right on it. Service is relatively cheap and I am able to devote lots of time to a project. Whether you just want your site moved or need a new one built from scratch, I am your man for the job. Specializing in Word Press sites with experience with E107 and Drupal.

What more about me do you wish to know? Reply with your comment and I will be happy to answer your questions!


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About Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders

I have been a WebMaster since 1998, when I learned to code HTML pages for our local church congregation. I have been WebMastering ever since those days. Now I have moved on to installing CMS (Content Management Systems) websites like WordPress, Joomlah, E107, etc. I maintain a number of websites currently, see my Portfolio page. I believe in doing the best job possible when I work on my sites.

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